You're a passion-fuelled entrepreneur and you know that things don't just happen.

You make them happen intentionally. 

As it turns out though, most business plans are flawed. They articulate a patchwork of intentions based on the author's experience and passions. "Passion + Skills + Market = Sweet Spot", right?

Sure. You got started there. Except without the right system, you're getting nowhere.

Mathilde Gauvain

What's a system? A mechanism that makes your business tick and removes skill or time barriers. A method you create to deliver your passion-fuelled product or service seamlessly. A solution that represents your business intrinsically.

Where I come from: I’ve been developing websites since I was 15. I started with a Harry Potter fan site complete with online Hogwarts and classes… the whole lot. I felt the thrill you know too of creating my own "thing" and intentionally developing it. I got hooked. The website grew and built up a small community which meant learning more and more skills to develop it. Since then I've worked on many websites for many businesses. I am self-taught & my experience comes from problem-solving for a huge variety of projects. Whether it’s marketing, branding, social digital media or web design projects, I’m always testing. I have worked in sales, marketing, retail, account and channel management. I have worked in both B2B & B2C, within SMBs, start-up, and corporate, education, public and volunteer environments.

My takeaway is this: Even if you try to learn everything, you can't. However, if you have a digital system that ties in your brand, your sales & your delivery, you will be able to focus on what you do best and make your vision happen. You will be able to make it easier to deliver your products and services to your clients and do it well.

Ready to make this happen for you?

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