Hey Go-Getter!

I’m Mathilde and I’m pretty chuffed to meet you here.

I’ve been creating websites since 2001 (cue Harry Potter fansite screenshot), and outside of being a website development & design geek who creates websites for other super talented and inspiring business owners (check out my portfolio here), my other passion for all-natural skincare and scents has led me to start and run my own indie brand, Mythyn.

Between those two businesses, I know a thing or two about running your own e-commerce site to sell lovingly crafted products, physical or digital, and I keep on learning.

I’m hoping to offer you all my knowledge, acquired wisdom and cheeky tips for creating your own amazing brand, unforgettable and share-worthy digital user experiences, and high-converting e-commerce website.

Basically, all the stuff that even as a website designer, I wish I’d known when I first started my own brand. You lucky thing.

You’re here for the nuggets o’ gold? Dig into the content below or say hi to set your preferred way to let me lend you a hand.

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The Harry Potter Fansite

I started this website at 14, and fell in love with creating new designs for it. I totally miss those ranking lists & buttons by the way…do you remember those?!