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Circle & Bloom

Guided Meditation & Vizualization Programs For Fertility & Health

Circle & Bloom | Mathilde Gauvain
Circle & Bloom | Mathilde Gauvain

Circle & Bloom offer guided meditation & visualization programs for fertility and health. Joanne, the founder, used to sell her programs outside of their website through a third-party service, making the delivery of their digital programs difficult to manage. Seeing that an integrated solution could reduce costs & significantly increase value and ease of use for her customers, she hired me to deliver a full refresh of how the site works.

We went through a complete rebranding for the website, redesigning the look and feel as well as restructuring the content. I setup a complex e-commerce, membership, subscription & affiliate system for their requirements.

Now, Circle & Bloom customers can access digital products directly on the website, immediately after their purchase. Access is possible on all devices (desktop, tablet & mobile) so it is much easier to complete the guided meditation programs daily.

The website is optimised for SEO, social sharing, and to bring in testimonials and Circle & Bloom have seen an increase in visitor retention on the site, staying for longer periods of time and therefore increasing return visits & opportunities for further purchases.

Visit: CircleBloom.com

In Joanne’s Words

I worked with Mathilde on a highly complicated website revamp. Her attention to detail, work ethic and project management skills were beyond my expectation. It was exactly what we needed. She handled herself with professionalism at every step, and has been so helpful. I am excited to continue working with Mathilde! 

Circle & Bloom | Mathilde Gauvain