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Kristen Darcy

Author & Motivational Speaker

Kristen came to me to re-work the current website ahead of a book launch.

While this was not a full re-design, I re-evaluated the content for the site, creating a new navigation flow and redesigning the home page entirely for this project.

The aim was to better represent both offerings from Kristen: divorce coaching & fertility coaching.

I created new graphics for Kristen’s offerings, a new page and content layout for the Work with me page. I also created custom personalised areas for divorce and fertility content so that whichever content the user is showing interest in, they will be served relevant related information.

The new layouts are user friendly & designed to build trust, demonstrate social proof and drive an increase in engagement. Redesigning the user experience involved benchmarking as well as diving into the existing website’s analytics to uncover the best opportunities.

Starting from the UX (user experience) led me to create a design and content flow that leads visitors towards the higher value offerings such as the coaching packages.