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When you design your website yourself & manage everything yourself or with a small team, it’s easy to get stuck. If your current website no longer serves you hiring a professional, boutique design studio will help you reach for your full potential by creating a brand & website that fit your needs perfectly & more quickly, putting your best foot forward.

Building a great website

I’m a user experience focused web designer + front-end developer. As the owner of an indie brand myself, Mythyn, I know exactly what it’s like behind the scenes and what it takes for your website to just work. I build websites that both you and your customers will enjoy using.

Don’t get stuck along the way building up frustration. You don’t have to do this alone.

Attract your ideal customer

The law of attraction is real. People make snap judgements and your website & brand make up a huge part of how your prospects & clients perceive you. I’m here for you if you are ready to take action and have a vision to realize without distraction. Forget the technology & specifics behind it all – that’s what I’m here for. Let’s define your exact business needs and put together a solution that will deliver the growth you work so freakin’ hard for already.



Custom Branded Website

You’ve already got a website but it needs a full refresh. The brand isn’t quite right or needs refining, and the website gives you or your customers a headache? This a la carte custom branding & website design service is for you.

This Service Includes:

  • A preliminary call & audit so we can fully scope your project and create a custom solution for your business.
  • Brand identity design & strategy
  • Brand assets: logo, variant and icon
  • Ideal customer discovery: you will be guided through discovering your ideal customer and understanding exactly what your brand and website need to deliver to attract this customer.
  • Full user experience strategy: to understand exactly how your customers interact with your brand, and where you have opportunities to enhance their experience.
  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Fully optimised website for e-commerce: reviews, checkout, sales triggers, integrations etc.
  • We’ll figure out your exact requirements and create a system + brand that works for your business. I don’t do cookie-cutter.
  • Beautiful, data-driven, responsive & fully optimized website for conversions, SEO + social sharing.
  • Integrated with your preferred marketing & automation systems
  • 10 pages (not including shop pages which are fully included), for example: home, about, FAQs, shipping terms, and more.
  • 10 products setup (will quote for additional products)
  • Support: I’ll walk you through your new website, provide custom guidance videos and include 1-week post-launch support
  • You’ll be given access to my customer-only website maintenance service plan so you never have to worry about updates.

Payment Plans Available

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The Process

Our well-honed website design process makes for a completely transformative experience. We guide you through every step & we look at the full picture so we can create a branding experience and website that will win the hearts of your ideal customers, drive growth for your business and help you reach your full potential.


Quick note: This is a process and I only work with you if you're ready to invest yourself & your time.

From start to finish a fully custom e-commerce website project will take between 8-14 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question not included below, please let me know here.

A great business idea worth investing in, the confidence to promote it, and the grit to keep going. Running an indie brand isn't easy, but it is a lot of fun and it's all about your attitude.

In practical terms, you'll need to have a business name you are set on, and a domain name (I recommend Namecheap*). We will go through everything else together, even website hosting (I recommend Siteground* for most cases) if you need it.

*Affiliate links

I offer templates and courses to help you start with a DIY website as well as custom services. DIY is a great way to prove your concept for the business at the minimum cost. However, you can only go so far doing everything yourself. Your skills lie in what you do - if designing creating a website doesn't feel enjoyable, if it feels like you are hitting a ceiling, or if it feels like you are spending way more time on it than you should, then you need help.

You don't know what you don't know, right? Bringing in an expert means speeding up your progress exponentially so if that is what you are looking for, custom is a no-brainer.

I work with purposeful independent business owners who create physical or digital products. If you run such a business and you are looking to go from handcrafted to impactful, chances are we're a match but I'd always want to have a conversation first to discuss your project and find out exactly how I can best help you.

For custom websites payment plans are available. Usually, there is a deposit of 50% at the start of the project which confirms your booking, then 25% midway through the project and the final 25% at the launch of your new site. If necessary, we can break this down further.

I only design for WordPress & Squarespace. I have previously designed for Shopify and WIX as well and I promise you that if you want an e-commerce website WordPress done right is amazing.

If you only have 1 or 2 simple products, want a website mostly to promote your brand and like Squarespace I am experienced in Squarespace design and will be happy to speak with you about your project.

I do not recommend WIX, Weebly and the like if you are serious about your brand and shop and I do not design for Shopify because I genuinely believe WordPress to offer a superior platform for e-commerce.

It takes more time than you may think to fully craft your brand, strategy and website. I'd recommend 4-6 months ahead of your busiest period, so you have time ahead. You will likely want a little time in between the initial audit and the start of the project in order to craft your content as well.

Finally, please also note I book up well in advance and some times I have projects booked 6 months ahead as well. If you'd like me to plan for your project and let you know what to expect, we should talk.

Contact me before you have your content ready so we can complete your initial audit first. This will genuinely help you plan your content and have a unified strategy for the new site. However, before I start on the actual design and build, you will then need to have your content ready as I need this to effectively design your site.

I work with amazing, funny, incredibly skilled copywriters whom I can either recommend or involve in the project directly. It's taken me a long time to get to the point where I feel confident writing copy, but it is difficult and if you are struggling with it, know for certain that the right copy will completely transform your business so I highly recommend the investment.

If you're based in the UK, especially around the Bedfordshire or London area, I can recommend an amazing & friendly photographer for you, or I can involve them directly in the project as well.

Yes - after the launch of your website I'll be on-hand for the following week to answer any questions. After this, I'm available for ad-hoc support, or I can offer you monthly website maintenance services.

The Process

The Custom Website Design Experience

We work hand-in-hand to craft your brand and website.

1 · We have a chat

I can't wait to get to know you and your business. I always start off with a quick call so we get to know each other and figure out if we are a good fit. It's also the best way for me to quickly answer any questions you may have about hiring a website developer for your project.

2 · Audit & pre-work

At the end of our initial call I'll ask you if you wish me to run an audit of your current brand and website. The audit costs $275. This is your initial commitment to the project, and when I complete the audit you will have full clarity on what you need for your new website to be a success. With the audit results, you will receive my final quote for your project. If you chose to go ahead, the audit fee will be deducted from your first payment.

This phase is also when we agree on the technical requirements for your project and set out how the website would work so it is easy to manage and delivers the best user experience.

3 · Brand discovery & strategy

At this point we've worked together on your audit and we have a clear scope for your project, so we can start our work on the new website. The most successful websites are designed from the inside out so we will first work on your brand discovery to answer the following questions:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What makes your brand unique and appealing to them?
  • What are your customers searching for and how can your products and services answer their needs?
  • How should your brand feel?
  • What is your brand style?
  • How can we create a brand experience your customers will love?

4 · Implementation

During this phase is when you or your copywriter creates the content you need for your website while I go ahead and set it all up to work as we agreed. Everything is done on a staging website so there is no disruption to your live website at any time.

Once all the content is ready and the setup is ready too, I can set out to design the website and it starts to finally take shape.

5 · Pre-Launch

Once I've designed it, the website is ready for you to review and for a final round of edits.

When we agree it is ready to launch, we set the launch date and I start the process of setting everything up to launch while you run any promotion you need to get the word out with your new brand identity in hand.

6 · Launch & handover

On launch day, how long the process takes for launching will depend on the size of your website. Disruption should be minimal - a couple of hours up to half a day for the largest websites. I launch your website during you least busy time of the week and day.

For the week that follows you have me on hand to guide you and offer support. I will provide you with guidance videos for your website so you know exactly how to do anything you need to do.

For further peace of mind, you will be offered my exclusive monthly website maintenance services so you never have to worry about applying any updates.